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The dodge is running, street legal (kind of) and ready to drive. Waiting on a fuel tank a guy is building for me, and the bed. I will go get the bed when the field dries up, as it is in a hedge row, about a quarter mile into a field. I picked up an old bumper at the junk yard this weekend, and a steering wheel from an MG-B. Follow along as the story unfolds. It's March 23, 2008.

Tim Jr.and I went to the junk yard this weekend, in Delphos, KS. The guy has a working junkyard, but any old cars go to one side and don't get crushed. You can just wander through there and pick up what you need. He's got most anything, primarily post war stuff.
New headlights from Speedway. These are halogen, high and low beam. Turn signals, again from Speedway. I mounted the fuel pump on the frame, at the back of the cab. This is the fuel line I bent to run to the front.
This is the regulator to open the windshield. It was siezed up, and the gear teeth were bent. It works pretty good now...   Jerry donated an air conditioner to the project. This is out of an old bus   A rear view mirror from a '55 Dodge parts truck
Gas filler neck was here. I haven't ground it down yet   Vintage Power Wagons sold me all the weatherstrip for the windows! The glass shop will have all the new windows ready to pick up Monday. Clear windshield, smoked side and back glass.   Picked up the '39 Plymouth bed today (March 29).
Another view...I have to make a frame for this to fit the pickup. This trailer had 3" I beam frame, that will not fit the hump in the truck frame. But hey, it has a steel floor (stock). The windshields are in...still waiting for frame to cab weatherstrip Door and rear glass are in...and smoked. Weatherstrips are all from Vintage Power Wagons
The 39 Plymouth bed is on. I discovered the Plymouth beds are 6" shorter than Dodges. I have a plan for the overhanging frame rails...   Rear view.   And now, for something completely different..

My next project, a '41 Chevy. One owner.

I rebuilt my side marker lights. Here is a universal 2 element socket from NAPA. I welded on a little L bracket from the hardware store. Make it so the bulb is centered in the housing   The housing is painted silver. The front mounting stud is removed. This is where the light will mount.   The installed bulb. Markers and turns!
The little j-bend that holds the lens on was rusted off on one side. I fabbed a new J, and welded it on.   My new fuel tank. Custom made by Darrell. Holds about 35 gallons. Sending unit is a universal from Speedway.   The tank installed.
Here you can see the fan and rear view installed. The fan isn't really needed when the cowl vent and windshield are open.   Tim Jr. and I racing at the stop light drags, part of the KKOA Lead Sled Spectacular.   Frenching in some '59 Caddy tail lights. Here is one of the buckets we made.
Jr. drilling holes in new rear valence for the light buckets.   Valence and buckets in primer. Still needs some smoothing on the welds.   The taillights installed. Now, to find a place for the tag.
Here's a little taste of what's to come...   The '45 is back in the shop. Finishing bodywork around windshield, putting the rest of the truck in primer, painting the dash (maroon, I think)   I'm also re-doing the cab back, as I taught myself how to not do it last time. Notice the WBSG sticker in the back window.
The bed is outside awaiting the sandblaster. I shot this from inside my office, through the window and screen. It's too dang cold to go outside to snap a picture.   I'm getting a little carried away with my logo... I've cut some metal to make signs and front plates for my truck. My friend Chase will do the artwork.   Ed finishing the new cab corner I made and installed.
Back of the cab almost finished. Ed is doing the finish work for me.   Back of the cab finished...homemade cab corner looks like it belongs there.   Plum Crazy Purple for the dash...
...Another view looking through the back window.   Here's a shot with the gauges and MG steering wheel in. This is a lot closer to the actual color.   View inside engine. The head gasket was leaking water. Almost no wear in there.
The old head gasket. It was starting to burn between 2&3 and 4&5. My bed with the house paint sandblasted off. Darrel. He blasted it for me.
Here it is, ready for a summer of cruisin'...Getting new rear tires this week, and I think I will paint the wheels red.